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Over 30 years of experience with data just like yours

For years I was building software for different companies. Mom and Pop shops, a multi-location healthcare system, regional banking and investment companies. They always had me moving data for them. And it was always the same thing to move data from one place to another so someone could understand things and view the reports.

The reports had such limited views and old thoughts. And every place had the same problems: software and data all over the place, someone trying to connect it to make a decision with it all.

One day I realized that if I wrote a connection engine, then all I would need is that source layout, and the destination layout, and they could talk to each other. No more writing different apps for each type of connection. No more "Connect Salesforce with Excel" and then build "Connect Salesforce with Excel a different way". Swap out sources and destinations, and you have a whole reusable system!

Source ==> Engine ==> Destination

If I could connect any software/data with any other, it became easy to build anything they wanted! And if I could automate the data movement through my engine, then I don't even have to be a part of it at just happens!

With all the varied industry experience, all the different softwares I've connected and programmed in, the whole world looks like one big set of sources and destinations for my engine.

And with today's tools like Zapier and others, automating your flow of data through your processes is much, much simpler. And less error prone.

That is why we look at your software and processes find your sources and destinations. Then we can make a plan to move the data through your pipeline with ease. We also take the tedious, menial work off your plate and into automations. Make it slick and streamlined.

And we give you a dashboard instead of a pile of reports. You can aggregate, report, chart and spin the data around any way you need to. Always visible for you to make decisions about.

It was the dream of my employers and clients for the last 30 years, and it is finally YOUR reality today!

Imagine what life will be like when you have that sort of system!

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